Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Snowed in

I'm sooo glad i decided to push myself into running yesterday afternoon. I ran my 3.5 as per tuesday training on my 12 week Hal program. I never had a chance to run my 4 on sunday so i had to push it to monday and then they increased the mileage during the week so i found myself doing 4 miles monday and 3.5 on tuesday. But i honestly felt really good. I remember looking down at my iphone ( as i do not have a new watch yet) and i was at a comfortable pace and it said between 11-12.5 as my pace. I think i got motivated by that a little because if any of you know me, i just started running in march and i'm carrying 50 extra pounds at least so this has not been an easy journey. I still sometimes while i'm running and telling myself i'm a runner (over and over again) I look around and think wow i just ran all of this way without even stopping and it feels sooo good. I was falling asleep last night thinking of another time when i was 22 and running and i would MAYBE run 1.5 and think that was far enough. Funny isn't it when it gets put into perspective. Needless to say when i was 22 and running i did have good luck dropping the extra weight i'd gained from high school, i remember that i was also going to school full time, working full time and went to the gym at 10:30 everynite after school. No wonder that marriage lasted at all. ha ha i was never there. anyway at somepoint after i graduated and got my associates i stopped everything and then realized i wasn't happy AT ALL. That is the last time i remember being at goal weight for me was about 145. I remember feeling a great sense of self pride from losing 40 lbs that i had gained after a year of college...but being happy on the outside isn't i've been working on the inside ever since and now for the first time since i was that 22 yr old girl i can finally say I'm back.!! (which ironically was the theme of the biggest loser last night) (love Abby) back to the snow... I'm attaching a picture of this morning. I have already started to shovel which is todays cross training. I think i may have to make about 5 trips out to shovel and that's actually about an hour or hour in half total. so I think i'm good on my training for today.


  1. It's so funny, all of the Colorado blogs show snow this morning! I love it! Today it is clear, sunny and Santa Ana winds here. Competely the opposite.
    Keep up the great start back!

  2. Having lived in Boulder for 18-years, this photo reminds me why I moved to California. Of course, I didn't run back then and would jump at the chance to live in Boulder now.

    Great post today.

    All the best,


  3. i love logging back in and seeing what comments may have been left it makes it all so much fun. Thanks for supporting.