Thursday, February 17, 2011

fit but fat

so in addition to signing up for a full marathon in Oct 2011, I am taking extreme measures to ensure that i am at a healthier weight when i train. In order to do so I decided to challenge myself (extremely challenge) with p90x. I am doing the p90x lean program as it is designed specifically for more weight loss. I am also trying to adjust my way of eating. I read something in the nutrition guide that said if you can't eat right you may as well not workout either, it struck a chord with me, it went on to explain that if you are going to do this right you must eat right too. I am notorious for eating horribly. It also stated that if you do this program and continue to eat the way you will ultimately be fit, but you won't look it.  That is exactly what i needed to hear , I am the poster child for being fit but looking fat.  I spent years eating crap. In fact looking back to even highschool when I was swimming 2x's a day with the team.. i ate shit, and I was trim but never looked like an athlete.  So learning to eat correctly has been my biggest life challenge. I'm not say ing it's my parents fault. But that was where i should have learned to eat properly, right? So it's one of those things that I must learn on my own and pass on to my kiddos, especially now that there are 2 more lil one's. speaking of which I thought i better post some new photos of Jack.

This week I got my full release from my OB so that's why I began the p90x. Later today I will take measurements and before photos.

Just realized i need to change my header since I am now going to be doing full marathon.


  1. I'm totally the same - I eat crap and try to say that I run so I can eat how I want...but that's not going to make me actually be a runner. I can't believe you are so focused so early after having a baby! Good luck with your training - I'm a new follower btw!