Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Below Zero and Travel advisory

So as many of you may or may not know i traveled to MN this past week and well let's just say it was a drink fest. I am not really sure what my problem is but i return home and return to my drinking days it's like I left 12 yrs ago and haven't changed at all. So i'm rather disappointed in myself and i think i planned to lose 6 lbs and instead i gained it in beer i think. ALTHO i did go to my Dad's in WI after 2 days and was excited to go run my 7 miles which i did do, asked my Dad which direction i should go as he's in a secluded part of the woods near a lake and a golf course ( i know it's absolutely horrible). So he suggested a route he knew would be nice and flat. (aahhh the things i miss about the north......flat roads) So off i go and i plan to make my way through the windy roads by the golf course and past the homes on the lake and i come to the road known as A yep gotta love the creativity of the natives. So off i go ( oh and Dad says before i leave, don't get shot it's hunting season) ha ha i go i kinda start to worry tho cuz i pass two seperate dogs wearing bright orange ........hmm self check......nope no orange on me. make my way to A that's one mile behind me. I run another 1.5 and i hear shots........shit seriously........turn around go otherway on A that's only another 1.5 and .25 to the main HWY so back up that same way 1.5 and back, and well if i do the math somewhere around returning to the golf course i was done........yay so proud i'm glowing. It's 30 some degrees and 4 o'clock i'm so happy......oh just died......i'm a mile away from Dad's house are you kidding me this will end up being 8 i walk and i walk what seemed like an eternity......surely Dad will get in car and come to look for me as i told him no longer than 1 hour 45 min........nope......getting sore now and i've completely cooled off and it's soooooo cold out here, anyway i made it home sore for the rest of the evening and woke up and not sore at all.......sweet.......then the week went downhill from there.......drinks monday nite........drinks tues nite........drunk wed nite at strip club.........thurs time to go home and catch other workout done at all......
Take the weekend off at home knowing i was supposed to face an 8 miler on sunday. it's snowing and below zero i'm so not in the mood for this shit........blow off.....
Monday.....back to normal but snowing and below zero........blow off

tues.......below zero hubby at work all day......get's home at 6pm hand over baby and off to try new Gym, I am going to go run........little bit of sarcasm in my husbands voice as i leave immediately upon his return so out of guilt i cut my run short as i said i would be a tad over one 3.5 miles done and boy did i feel like not watch biggest loser, listen to ipod, take out frustration all in one workout.....equals disaster. But i went so it goes. so it goes. Today; Wed plan is to get on my eliptical 45 min and Do my Jillian DVD while my child naps altho she's changing her naps on me currently so i'm not sure when it will be but i will do it, i felt really strong when i got home last night and ate a great dinner. In looking back at my week, what i did to myself is so unforgiveable and so much like that old fat girl. I hated that. Never again will i allow myself to fall into my old patterns, time to make new ones there......


  1. Oh my, so glad you didn't get shot. I don't drink anymore (like I ever did) after a little incident that involved medical at a concert this past summer.

  2. Hi there! I live in Colorado too and am working on my first triathlon this summer. Congrats on your first one and I hope you half goes well!

    Happy New Year!