Monday, January 4, 2010

Vacation Wrap up

So many of you know my family rented a beach house on St. George Island for the week of christmas. We rented a minivan and loaded up my 9yr old, his 18 yr old, our 14 month old and off we went and only about 3 hours later than planned. 3 days on the road and 2 more kids pick up in New Orleans (his 23 yr old son, and 21 yr old daughter) we made it to the beach house. Managed to get in a 3 mile run one morning at hotel gym then we arrived at the beach house. I happily got up sunday and proceeded to race against myself and my old time for a 10K which was part of my training, but since there was no race in close proximity i timed myself. Mapped a course earlier in the week knowing that at the end of the island was an 8 mile park that i would run 6.2 of. His oldest daughter wanted to run 3 miles that day with me so when she hit half way i would wave at her to turn around. Well she set off like a ruptured duck in a hail storm,  i thought now how am i gonna tell her when she's half way if i can't catch her. Ok it wasn't that bad, she was running about a 12 min mile pace and i was not all that far behind her when she stopped at about 1 mile to walk a bit i kept going and thought i'd just wave at her at 1.5 and tell her to turn around. well i did so and she'd already turned around so off i went strong and steady and since she set the pace i kinda kept it going and it felt great to be running at that level, I think a slowed eventually but i got back to the car and i hadn't gone far enough i stopped to notify her i had .5 miles left and i would be ready to go. I  PR's by 10 min. pretty awesome in that short amount of miles. rested mon and tues i asked who was ready to run 5 with me? his son said he'd go. so off we went and his son let me set the pace and when i turned us around at 2.5 he went ahead at his pace. Wed i had no chance of a cross training day so i decided to run again. His daughter came with and we paced together until half way then we turned around i finished strong she stopped at some point to do lunges. Thurs morning (xmas morning) i went off to do 5 on my own, no takers. my body was hurting too. It took alot for me to get it in, i practically walked the last mile home but i took off my headphones and listened to nature it was marvelous to hear the ocean and all the birds that morning. I took this picture that morning.
So all in all i think i got 19 miles in on my vacation. Now back home for some more snow running.

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