Wednesday, November 18, 2009

After the long weekend

As I'm sure you can imagine the day i'm supposed to run my first 6 mile training run (you guessed it) 6" of fresh powder and not expected to lighten up all day. So i pull out my $5 and off to the community center i go. Because i am determined not to miss this and never ever put a long run off until monday. I did that one time and it was a brutal week. So yes i did it and i did not incline the TM either. I walked 5 min warm up and started out strong and slow walked at 1.5 miles for a minute then again at 4 miles for 3 min then i was off there was no stopping me or so i thought. I guess the machine had a mind of it's own. Yep it stopped at one hour so quickly record mileage in my head 4.25 miles and then remembering i had to run to bathroom after my warmup which was also .25 miles i hate doing math in my head in the middle of my run therefore i lose track anyway somehow in my head i said ok if it's .25 miles to cool down and i've done 4.5 already I need to clock another 1.25 in running so after i figured that out i ran. I finished in 1:25 min which is exactly what it took me to do my 10K earlier this summer so i felt pretty good about this especially cuz i wasn't even in a race just me and TM and it felt good. People always say it's really hard to get past about 3miles on a TM and i can see why. But wow can i sweat out a shirt in a not to mention my headband. drip drip drip. Yesterday (my 4miles) I was so excited that enough had melted and the day was sunny and about 47 degrees so off i went down what i thought would be a typical run. I miscalculated somehow thinking this usual path i always went would be enough. so i get to where i think should be half way and check my iphone and ooops i'm .5 mile off course so i turn into a neighborhood trying to keep it flat and start around the corner then another corner only to see a gigantic hill and no other way to go but i go and think well all this work will pay off when i turn around and get to go down. well i ended up getting close to home and it still wasn't enough so i turn down some other streets before heading home and i sprinted at the end to ensure i finished this time under one hour....59:37......YAY i'm getting faster and it was just like everyone said I finally broke my 15 min mile pace and averaged 14:47 i think which felt so great... looking forward to thursday and i read in my plan that i am supposed to run a 5K this weekend instead of another long run. how exciting altho i'm running a 5K on turkey day so i will run 4 on sunday and my 5K will be thurs (just switching it up a tad) but exciting never the less. My friend that i'm running with did all of her runs last week too so i'm proud of her. Not sure about yesterday as i didn't hear from her yet but she is doing the 5K with me. I really wish i could figure out how i magically found how to post a picture again. lol

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  1. Hey there, I just discovered your blog while reading other running blogs. I'm excited to have found another blogger who is a runner and is almost my age. I'm 41 and started running in 2008. I'm hoping/planning to run a half next year so I'm looking forward to following your progress as you train for yours. I'm planning on following the Hal Higdon Intermediate half training plan. I'm so jealous that you found someone to train and run the marathon with... I desperately want a running partner. I've become a follower and am adding you to my reader.