Thursday, January 21, 2010

Derby? what?

So before i got pregnant i was on a derby league (WFTDA) if you wanna look it up. Yes people are doing this currently. Well baby is now 15 months and there happens to be a league in town, so i went to the recruit night (knowing in advance that i was not going to play derby but rather referee) Hubby and i decided my body was not going to allow another season of getting smashed into the concrete. I had bruised my tailbone really bad still cannot sit for long periods and jammed my right shoulder all in one bout. Needless to say I am committed to the time and effort i have put into my running at this point and don't want anything to get in the way of that. So without further todo about derby, I am going to check it out tonight and see if it's something that can work. It is def a time committment and i have to make sure Hubs is cool with it too cuz if my home isn't happy neither am I. I trust him to be honest, he's never selfish, so i know he can tell me without emotions what is going to work. Sometimes my running has gotten in the way but he would bite his tongue and grin and bear it, well most of the times. :) anyway I love him dearly and i know I can trust him. So yeah i get to get back on skates tonight. Yipeeeee that'll be a great way to get some serious cross-training in (see where my mind goes) supplement the run, supplement the run, I live an breathe running now. I've come a long way in a short amount of time. 

On a side note: I've also decided to start tracking my calories again, as i have gotten off track and have started to gain again, not a lot but 5 lbs is 5lbs in the wrong direction. I will also pay more attention to what calories are going in, i never really cared before but it's obvious that even a few days of good eating and exercising has me bouncing off the walls so there has to be something to it. Less Sugar and Less "white" carbs, more whole grains and more veggies. i also added a Soy protein based powder to my lunch routine which is incredibly healthy and like 25g of protein 0 carbs. gotta love that. 

I ran yesterday for the first time since the race and I have to admit that wasn't easy. I pushed thru mile 3 but managed to get 4 miles in. So glad i did that anyway.

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  1. Impressive! Flat track roller derby. I've seen banked track, but never flat track. Must be a lot tougher!