Tuesday, November 10, 2009

5K and 5 Mile weekend

Those are two things in the past i would have never thought would come out of my mouth. Yah i ran a 5K on Sat and then training run on Sunday 5 miles. Well there it is. How can i be disappointed in that? My weight remains steady and still a hair above 200 like 209. ugh!! i'm trying not to stress about that too much, i'm having fun training and i know the weight will eventually drop off, i can see a huge difference in my clothes fitting and at this point even though i have not lost any weight in the past few months my weight is moving around. My face and chest and waist have all gotten narrow and my measurements show it. So i'm not going to complain about that either. We have been blessed with some great weather this week. I'm looking at another increase in miles this week which will be my biggest challenge thus far. I am looking at a 4 mile run today and a 4 mile run thursday and a 6 mile run on sunday.

My 5k this weekend: good things I ran with my friend, It was a beautiful day, I did run the entire way, bad things that hill at the end. my Time 41:07... seems that i will remain above that 40 min mark another race. Maybe my weight and my time are in direct correlation, maybe if i get under 200 i'll get under 40 min. LOL just a thought. Perhaps i'm afraid.

the 5 miles was a dedication to world run day which i did sign up for and got the t-shirt in the mail and printed my bib online and got my daughter to ride along with me. I thought for the 5 miles i'd go try a new area so i remembered that 5 min north of our house is a trail (paved) so off we went bike on the rack and child ready to ride 5 miles alongside me. We unload and off i go feeling good about just going. I settle into pace around mile 1 and then come some hills uh oh. so i run and i run and i run after that hilly nightmare i find us at the end of one trail leading us to a flat in a neighborhood not yet built, but all the roads in tact. I was like "YES" so i run 2 miles around the flats and finally hit my groove at about 15min/mile pace. Knowing that now i need to head back through the hills to finish. We take a couple pictures along the way and i'm using my new app for my iphone "RUNKEEPER". We made our way back thru all the hills which progressively got easier each time. I allowed myself to run really fast after the downhill parts just on this route back and it felt really fun, i'd never let myself do that, but i decided not to be afraid of tripping or slipping and just run flat out a couple of times you see i had a pacer on my app and i wanted to bring my average down from where it was at the beginning which was at like 16:40 something. (I can't have that be my average hills or not) so i finish and i'm thinking no way could i go further and you know what i think sometimes that is the goal of training. I gave it all i had and it felt great. I was only 1 min slower than the week before when i ran it on a comfortable familiar course. so I felt accomplished about that and it was for a good cause and a dedication to my angel baby of Aug 20 2009. Have i grieved that loss you ask? no not yet I'm not sure when i will but i know its all a part of getting healthy emotionally too. I bought this book that was recommended for women who have miscarried and i started to read the first little story and couldn't breath, well that was a few months ago. I will try to read it again soon i know it's an important part of the loss (grieving that is) On that note i will close and i'm looking forward to posting my results of training this week.


  1. all of the sudden i can't add picture? what the heck is going on?

  2. You've done a great job of attacking the calories out side of things. Have you thought about watching the calories in? There are a tone of websites t help. My favorite is Sparkpeople . Or, if you have an iPhone, look at LoseIt! Both are free and both work well.

  3. Great job, two 5's back to back and you sound so happy about being back to training!