Thursday, November 12, 2009

Forefoot running

Today is a new day i feel a new sense of energy in the air and i like it almost how you feel when you can smell spring is in the air. Well because i'm from MN i think for me it gets me hyper when i know it's going to snow.......funny but true and that's how i feel today. I have been reading and searching youtube about this forerunning and i have to admit when i ran 20 yrs ago i only ran for a short period of time but i do remember that once i started running on the forefront of my feet i couldn't do it the otherway it just never felt right it felt like so much more effort and low and behold all these years later it turns out it won't cause me any damage. I was so afraid back then that i would later regret running on the front half of my feet and well i guess as i can see it is a much more natural approach. I skipped my xt yesterday so i am about to double up today and you know what i feel like i have the energy for it, so i will do my high impact Jillian DVD and work hard for that 20 min and later this afternoon about 3pm i will run my 4 miles i've already mapped out. NO HILLS today. I'm so tired of having to run by my house because I am surrounded by hills and as much as i understand how important hill running is i'm merely a beginner and really just want to work on endurance for now. Hubby home from TX tonight so that will be nice welcome. I miss him when he's not here. So hard to convey in a short phone conversation how your day was. I'm used to him being around all day as his office is here. Found my 5K route for the Turkey Day so this weekend on my 6mile run i'm going to do the route twice!!! I think that's a great idea don't you? i'll have run it a couple times for confidence before the big day and it doubles as my long run. :) yea....


  1. Great thinking for the long run...try the second time a little, tiny-weenie bit faster! Go girl!

  2. great idea on the faster the second time around i will let you know how that turns out. Crossing my fingers that weather behaves. expecting 6-12" again.

  3. You might also want to look up "Chi Running". That seems to be one of the latest running trends - you can probably find the book at any bookstore....

    Where are the pictures?!?!?! Snow is so beautiful, but I'm glad I live in Southern California where I can enjoy it without having to shovel....

  4. This snow is totally messing up my long runs...hope you were able to get out this weekend and get a good run in!

    I have a friend that runs on his forefront foot and has been having some pretty bad calf problems, since this is the muscle used to run that way. His sports doctor told him to try to change that to a natural progression of heel to toe running. Just what he said...I have no idea. Chi running is a good book, too!

  5. There is a lot of support for running on the balls of your feet. Look up Pose Running, there are free articles on the site that give you a good idea of what's involved to prevent injury. I agree with you, running that way just seems intuative.

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