Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cross Training

Just a quick one today. Hubby out of town so I'm limited in what i can do, so thank goodness it's a cross training day because i can usually do these days at home. I have an elliptical machine and tons of workout DVD's some of which can be used with hand weights ie Jillian Michaels 30 day shred is a great one. It has 3 levels and all of them are 20 min long, as you get better you move to the next level and boy they kick my ass in 20 min. I love them. I have another one of hers that i have only done once. Trouble zones or something anyway it was so hard alot of pushups etc.. altho i last did it this summer so i've since gotten a bit stronger in my endurance anyway. You should give these a try as an alternative to going to the gym like once a week. I think i tend to stick to things that allow me variety.
Time to touch up hair too. Will do when baby is napping. :) Oh and making my favorite spaghetti tonight for dinner. Until next time....
Of course on a whim (sp) my friend begged me to do a 5K with her this coming Saturday. I said i'm pretty broke she said i'll pay for you just come do it with me. 2 sec. later ok. so i will again attempt to do a 5K and get under 40 min. I just want to prove it to myself that i can do it. I am not sure if i've discussed my weird running problem. I get all geeked up and ready to go and as i'm running i talk myself out of the race like 900 times. total self sabotage!! I have run most of my runs with a friend (not along side me of course because i get intimidated and fall behind somehow talking myself down) anyway as floods of people poor past me i tell myself i don't belong here etc.... anyway i don't want to continue down that same path and my last 5K was my worst. My step daughter -30 ran it with me and she was doing the 10 wk to 5k training to prepare for it. I'd already done 3 5K's a sprint triathlon and a 10K so i figured i'd have her in the dust. WELL wouldn't you know she finished like 3 min ahead of me and i had my worst 5K race to date like 42 min. I remember her at the beginning saying if you need to go ahead of me then just go you don't have to wait........well that was all she needed to say and off i ran faster than i should have started out and i felt myself get to that tingly all over fainting feeling and i had to slow down then and start walking and away she went steady and strong the whole way and i lost her this was a race for the cure so there were thousands of people at every level. I finally got my shit together near the end but it took me the whole race to recover from that errored beginning. ugh!! so let's see how i do saturday. wish me luck. :)

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  1. Good luck, it's great to do these kind of races because you'll be excited to train(well, I guess not since it's Saturday) and improve afterwards! Cool, what a sweet friend too!