Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I did it

Well sunday was the first time that i was challenged with my first 5 mile run and i was so excited all week that i already had a plan as to where i was going to run. However, more exciting news is that on Halloween i signed up for my 1/2 mary in FL. It will be on Feb 21, 2010 it's officially called the 26.2 Donna and half marathons so there i was so excited it's a commitment now. My friend that i am running it with has yet to show up to my house to run with me. Do i wonder what her deal is? yeah but i can only worry about me right? so i go no matter what i'm only responsible to myself in finishing she's doing everything she can and so am i. I am capable of planning for myself and if she's there it will be a bonus but as we all know we are in this mostly for to support a great cause and for selfish reasons.

Today i had no motivation whatsoever to go do my 3.5 mile run, however, as soon as i thought that i new i had to just get up and go get dressed and that once i was finished i'd be stronger for it. Of course supportive hubby said what's the matter you don't feel like running?" well then stay here with me. :) so cute and i understand what he means but NO i'm on a training plan. I will only get out of it what i put in. I am really finding it difficult to know what my times are as i'm running with my iphone and imapmyruns application so i only know an average at the end of it all and a gps mileage which has already come in quite handy. But i think I'm going to see the benefits to having a watch that will lay it all out. I think i'm not giving myself enough credit for how I am running. I don't even get splits. Kinda tough to gauge anything this way. By the end of the month though i've got to get one.
I've got to decide in the next few weeks if i really want to stretch out one more week of the current week as i'm ahead of schedule anyway and i feel like i still need alot of work even on my short 3.5 mile runs. Heck today's run was a perfect example. I got half way and walked up a hill and turned around and ran until i got to about mile 2.5 and walked again. So there are days actually everytime i run i do usually allow myself a couple of one minute walks. I wonder to myself if i'm taking it too easy on myself or maybe i'm really not ready to keep adding distance until i get the small runs under control. Gonna have to ponder that for now i guess.
I think i mentioned that i joined online weight watchers and that goes about as well as you might expect, when my husband is traveling i stick to plan pretty damn well when he is home i'm soo bad, i think this is normal for awhile i'm going to allow myself to give into some cravings but then get over it and right back to plan, sounds like my runs. I haven't talked about the 5 miler......i set my route first and new that when i got to the point of about 2.75 miles i'd be at a point where i could turn and head home it was at that point too i allowed myself to walk then there was one other one minute walk at around mile 4. But up until the 4th mile i felt really proud and honestly turned the corner and felt great, felt one hot spot under the ball of my foot and my left calf was a tad tight and even still is so i'm going to seriously use my cross training day tomorrow and do some much needed strength training with my Jillian Michaels DVD's and some yoga....Looking forward to that.

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